The Cars of Twisted Metal: Axel

Posted: January 17, 2012 in The Cars of Twisted Metal

Hello ladies and gentlemen of the playstation nation, I’m your host roadkill22. For those of you who have been wondering why I have been on such a long hiatus, obvious answer I’m a lazy guy from time to time, plus it was the holidays so I had to catch a break. Anyway welcome to another rendition of The Cars of Twisted Metal. Now today I will talk about the ever so popular Axel. Axel was originally intend to be in the first game with one of the developers asking “What if there was a guy strapped between two wheels and demolished everything in sight?”, well the reason why he wasn’t released is because there were many ideas for Axel and the testers didn’t know on how to bring the character in to the games.

After the success of the first game, Axel finally made his debut on Twisted Metal 2. His design was obviously a guy strapped between two huge wheels with machine guns and rocket launcher attatchments. Throughout the games, Axel still had the same design of being a guy strapped between two big wheels. Axel performance wise is a bit slow, but has a decent amount of handling, and very good armor because well, Axel’s big. His special weapon can be referred to as “Axel power”. Basically it’s just a shockwave that originates from the machine and expands from the vehicle. In Twisted Metal Black, there have been rumors about Axel is that he has a secondary special weapon in which the two wheels would fuse together to form a war wheel, a special weapon that was finally made for the reboot of Twisted Metal. I have yet too see it in Black but still a good idea. Now I’m not really crazy about him because he’s really not that fun to play as but it’s still good to play for a while. Maybe when the new game comes out, I’ll appreciate it more. So anyway that’s Axel for you, join me next time for another rendition of the series.


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